VanCheap: Regulations

All carriers registering on the VanCheap platform are requested to adhere to the rules set out below. In the event of a breach of the regulations, the VanCheap team can take the liberty of suspending or deleting your carrier account.

Communication with clients

As a professional, during your exchanges on the platform, you must use clear, professional language without vulgarity. You have the possibility to exchange via messaging systems with customers, on the other hand, you are prohibited from communicating personal information such as telephone number, email address, address or other. The courtesy of your exchanges on the platform must also be applied during transport that you do through the platform.

Safety and hygiene

The carrier in order to protect himself and his customers must respect the safety and hygiene rules in force. Equipment protection, seat belts, hygiene standards when transporting livestock or food compliance with weight limitations etc ...

Professional legality

The carriers registered on VanCheap must be up to date on all their legal documents, must be insured and above all respect the transport regulations in force in their country.


By registering on the platform, you must use your real identity and / or company name. Only the pseudonyms can be determined according to your wishes.

Fight against fraud

As a professional transporter respecting the laws of your country of origin, you must provide an invoice to each customer in order to fight against hidden work.

Eco responsibility

The VanCheap team is very attached to the fight for ecology and asks its carriers to respect the ecological standards of each country, speed limits, anti-pollution, up-to-date technical control, to avoid empty journeys. Regarding empty journeys, do not hesitate to consult our groupage offers on your carrier account.


VanCheap is a platform for connecting carriers and individuals / professionals, disputes must be settled directly between the carrier and the customer. If necessary, the VanCheap team can intervene as a mediator during the discussions.